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Answered HR is the solution to your HR needs

Access all the HR forms, documents and checklists you need to set your team up for success

About Answered HR

Answered HR provides the paperwork and information to build great HR systems, moderated by an HR professional with 25+ years of experience and combined with ideas and innovations from other business owners.

Who needs Answered HR


Why are companies joining us?

To save time, headaches, and money.

“…staff members who manage it [HR] on an “ad-hoc” basis in addition to their primary job…spend more than 13 hours a week on average on human resources tasks, taking significant time away from their core responsibilities.”1

That is a lot of time searching google for a document or policy, making sure it is from your province of business and then adapting it to your business. Do you have that kind of time? What could you or your employee do with those 13 hours EACH week?

Answered HR brings together business owners from across the Western Provinces of Canada to share, learn and grow. You will have access to all the HR forms, documents and checklists you need to set yourself up for PEOPLE success. Plus, take advantage of the discussions, workshops and online courses.

Why do you need Answered HR?

Like many small business owners, you are probably doing it all yourself.

“…54% of small businesses handle HR in-house. But owners usually give HR work to staff with little practice managing employees.”2 

31% of employees given HR duties feel unqualified. And IMHO, at least 30% don't know that they don't know enough to make smart decisions.

Experience proven practices, innovative ideas, and collaboration for 30 cents a day.

Or, go for Diesel level and for only $6.01 an hour, you can get back the 13 hours you spend on googling and researching HR. (4) 

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